Master Thermometer

Animated header picture of TV2


1.  Care & Use Guides (PDFs)

2.  PC software. 

3.  Video on installing the TV2 Master Thermometer

4.  Quick start guides for installing the TV2

5.  Power point presentations

6.  Quality documents (IQ, OQ) for clean room monitor

7.  Alarm behavior of the TV2 Master Thermometer

8.  Calibration Procedures

9.  W-9 form (Use print preview and size to 30% before printing)

10. TV2 drivers.

11. Instructions of setting up email alerts in TView

12. Sending email or text alerts with the GMail server

13. Accessing the TV2 over the www.

14. Documents of Compliance for CE mark and AUS-NZ

15  Credit Application

16. Installation guide for Auto Dialer APD-10/ 4 numbers)

17. Installation guide for Auto Dialer APD-12. (8 numbers-2 channels).

18. Installing wired or wireless sensors for the TV2

19.  TV2 WiFi setup guide

20.  TV2 WiFi software

21.  Prolific drivers for DB9 to usb converter (do not work with windows 10)

22.  ThermaViewer drivers for Tview communications

23. Technical Support for auto dialer 858 413-0149 (ask for technical support)

24. Warranty information. All 2di products carry a 1-year replacement warranty. An extended warranty is also available.

24.  Buffering Temperatures

25.  TP-Link wireless access point for connecting TV2 to a wireless netowrk

Support materials for the TV1 (which is no longer being manufactured). 

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