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I can monitor and alarm 4 freezers with one TV2 Freezer Alarm. 

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Automatic logging of each refrigerator and freezer

The TV2 Freezer Alarm works with any
Freezer or Fridge/Freezer

Lab technician opening a refrigeratorThere is no need for expensive scientific freezers with a built-in alarms. Image of a technician standing in from of a glass-door refrigerator Although home-style fridge/freezers are not built to maintain the same close temperature tolerances that scientific units do, they can be safely used by adding the 2di Freezer Alarm.  The TV2 not only logs (saves) the temperature readings, it also displays a chart so you get a visual picture of the temperature history without having to download the temperatures to a computer.  You can, of course, add the 2di Freezer Alarm to a scientific refrigerator or freezer as a backup.  The TV2 Freezer Alarm works with any freezer even ones that maintain very cold temperatures like  -80° freezers or even cryogenic freezers. 

QuickCheck display

One glance at the display shows that freezer number 4 is too warm.  Once it cools down the -5.0°temperature will turn green.  To see how long it has been unsafe touch the -5.0°reading and the screen will change to show a temperature history chart.

QuickCheck display 

QuickCheck display showing warm freeezer temperature

The EasyTouch menu simplifies installtion!

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Protects Vaccines, Tissue, Food, Inventory etc...

The TV2 Freezer Alarm is used in health clinics, pediatricians offices, labs, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and even commercial kitchens to alarm and document freezer and refrigerator temperatures. If the temperature moves outside the safe range for too long or the power fails, the Freezer Alarm's auto dialer calls 4 phone numbers so you can respond in time to protect the inventory.  Or you can choose to receive a text or email message alerting you to the alarm condition.

The chart that is displayed on the TV2 Freezer Alarm is so easy to understand that each member of your staff will "get" it without any special training.  They automatically become part of your quality control system every time they glance at the display. Anyone can immediately see if everything is OK or if something happened while no one was looking.  If all the numbers are green everything is OK.  If a number is red there is a problem.

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It is all too easy for a freezer to malfunction by warming up and then cooling down while no one is freezer around.  This sometimes happens when the compressor relay gets stuck.  Should that happen it would not be noticed if the temperature was being recorded once or twice a day, but the TV2 will catch it every time. 

With the TV2 Freezer Alarm you can immediately tell if the temperature became unsafe when no one was around.  The freezer temperature history is one-touch away, so one glance tells you all you need to know about the temperature history.

Text, Email or Phone Call Alert

The TV2 freezer alarm sends text, email or phone-call alerts any time the temperature becomes unsafe.  An alarm delay is usually set to eliminate false alarms caused by the door being opened or warm product loaded into the freezer.  With the optional auto dialer you will receive a phone call any time the freezer alarm is triggered.  So if the temperature gets too warm for too long, or the power fails, the freezer alarm goes into alarm mode and the auto dialer calls several people to deliver a message.  the TV2 alarm can even send all three alerts; text to multiple phones, emails to several people and phone calls to additional people.

Simple installation:  Video on installing the TV2

freezer The TV2 freezer alarm is simple to install and use.  Begin by placing each sensor into the freezer you want to monitor.  The sensor can be positioned in the freezer or placed in a bottle of glycol.  the sensors are fully immersible.  After positioning the sensors, supply power to the display.  The Setup menu will appear so you can set the date, time and sample interval.  The TV2 Freezer Alarm immediately begins to collect, log and chart temperatures.  Lastly set your alarm parameters.

Documented Proof for Auditors and Regulators

The TV2 Freezer Alarm complies with all CDC, JCAHO and CAP requirements. It displays and prints charts or temperature lists for regulators or auditors as proof that your inventory has been properly stored and maintained. 

21 CFR 11 Compliant

All logged data is stored in encrypted format and can be electronically signed.  All downloaded files are encrypted with 128 bit encryption.  Once the data has been logged to the Freezer Alarm it can never be changed, even after being downloaded to a computer as long as they are stored in the TV2 format. Of course, if they are imported into Excel the encryption is broken.

Freezer alarm PC chart                   Text of Chart

Print or view temperature history chart from the Easy Freezer Alarm

Built-in Calibration table

NIST traceable calibrated sensors are available. Recalibration can be done by metrology labs or even at your location by comparing the temperature to a certified and/or calibrated instrument.  Each sensor has its own three point calibration table which is user accessible.

Battery Backup for Power Failure Protection

The TV2 Freezer Alarm is powered via the USB cable plugged into a wall-power plug or a PC. If power is interrupted, the internal batteries take over and continue to run the unit for up to 100 hours. All monitoring and logging and even alarms will continue to operate normally while running on battery. The display goes to sleep to preserve the battery but this does not affect the collection of data or alarms.  Batteries are automatically recharged when power is restored.

No Hidden Costs.

There are no monthly fees.  You own this TV2 Freezer Alarm and dialer.  You decide when and who the auto dialer calls to deliver your sixteen-second prerecorded message, if you are using the optional auto dialer.  The TV2 is completely stand alone and will operate without a computer.  No one has to check on it every month.  It uses no paper charts or pens and requires no maintenance - there are no moving parts to wear out or replace.

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The TV2 Freezer Alarm Features & Specifications:

Number of Sensors Up to four wired sensors with each display
Up to four wireless sensors with each display
Temp Range Thermistor sensor -20°C to 80°C(۠0.3°C)
Wired Digital Sensors -40°Cto 80°C(۠.3°C)
Thermocouple sensor -200°Cto 1250°C(accuracy depends on thermocouple type)
Sensor (Liquid) 3" stainless steel thermocouple or 2" digital. Submersible. (Complete specifications)
Display screen Easy-Touch™full color
Display Unit Size 8 3/8" x 5" x 1"
LCD Display Size 5" diagonal
Alerts Internal buzzer and flashing screen. Optional auto-dialer or text/email alert
Sample Interval Variable:  Once a minute to once every twenty-four hours
Display Resolution 0.1° on LCD, 0.0001 on PC
Calibration 3 point table for each sensor with optional NIST traceable certificate.
Storage Technique Non-volatile memory stores more than 80,000 samples for each sensor
Power Via USB cable from a PC or 12vdc, 50/60hz (120 - 240 volt wall adaptor)
Battery Backup 1100mAh lithium battery will operate the system for at least 72 hrs
Download to PC USB cable or optional wired Ethernet connection
Indicators LCD & LED
User Settings Onboard password-protected menu system
Alarm conditions Power failure plus high & low for each sensor
Shipping weight 2 lbs with power adaptor, sensors & cables

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