Frequently Asked Questions

Animated header picture of TV2


  1. Does the TV2 have an audible internal alarm?
  2. Can I print out a paper chart of my logged data?
  3. How do I download data to a computer for archiving or printing?
  4. How accurate are the various sensors that can be used with the TV2?
  5. Can I calibrate the sensors?
  6. Data Security and 21 CFR part 11?
  7. Can the ThermaViewer be accessed remotely?
  8. Documents of compliance and Declarations of Conformity
  9. Can I see my logged data in an Excel spreadsheet?
  10. How much data can I see on the TV2 screen at one time?
  11. How many channels does the TV2 have?
  12. Autodownloading data from the TV2
  13. Can I password protect the stored data?
  14. Information on USP <797> and <800>?
  15. Why do two thermometers show different temperatures in the same refrigerator
  16. Why does 2di use digital temperature sensors?
  17. How does a refrigerator maintain its temperature?
  18. Can dormitory refrigerators be used to store vaccines?
  19. Vaccine safety in 'Vaccines for Children' programs.
  20. What should I worry about when I store vaccines in refrigertors?