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Data Logger w Chart Display

The TV2 is an entirely new type of data logger.  Most data loggers must be programmed with a computer, deployed, allowed to collect the data and then downloaded into a computer.  The logged data can not be seen until the final step has been completed. 

The TV2 is a completely stand alone data logger.  It never has to be plugged into a computer.  Setup is done on the logger itself using the Easy-Touch™display.   It is designed for long term logging of multiple sources.  It is normally powered from a wall transformer or a computer via a USB cable. And although it does contain a lithium battery the battery is there for emergency use only powering the TV2 for at least 72 hours if a power failure occurs.

Four -40 freezers log

Temperarture history on the TV2 (no computer needed)

The logged temperatures can be seen on the TV2 itself two different ways. First the maximum and minimum temperatures for each sensor appears next to the current temperature, and secondly if you touch one of the temperatures, the display changes to a chart showing all logged data for that sensor.

Temperature history chart for refrigerator 

Logs 80,000 temperatures for each sensorClean Room

A logged data can be displayed as a continuous chart by touching a temperature on the Easy-Touch™Display. The data chart can be scrolled through to see individual data points.  You can also zoom out of the display to see all of the stored samples on the screen at one time, so that trends are easy to spot. If zoomed all of the way out as much as one and one half years of data can be seen on one screen if you are logging a data point once very ten minutes. (specs)

Trace Mode

Manufacturing In addition to seeing a temperature chart for each sensor every individual data point can be see with the trace mode, which can be used to scroll the data.  By moving back and forth through the logged data you can see exactly when each individual reading was taken.  It is possible to scroll through 80,000 individual temperatures for each sensor.  This makes it easy to pinpoint a temperatures high point and see when it occurred, how long it lasted and whether it was a spike or a slow ramp up in temperature.

Easy Installation

Although the TV2 is a very sophisticated instrument it is eay to install. Positioning each sensor, setting the sample interval, and setting the date and time of the TV2 is about all there is to it. The display and alarm parameters can also be set using the on-board menu.


The TV2 has its own internal alarm so that if a temperature gets too high or too low, an alarm goes off and aRinging cell phone normally open (N/O) relay is triggered so you are notified with a phone call, email, or instant message immediately. And all of this happens right inside the TV2.  It does not have to be wired up to a computer or the Internet for the phone alert.  The text and email alert does require that the TV2 be plugged into a comptuer. 

  Audible and Visual Alarm - Flashing message on display and buzzer

  Visual Alarm

TV2 monitoring 4 fridges

Free Secure Software

The TV2 can be interfaced with a computer via the USB port or the Wired Ethernet connector to autodownload the data. Logged data can be copied to an Excel file or printed out as a chart. The software is also used to configure the email alert system so the user is notified any time an alarm occurs.

Tview with temp & RH

   Real time data                  A chart on your computer
Real time data on your computer                      Data downloaded  as a chart

The TV2 is the only stand alone data logger that also charts, alarms and displays data.

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