IV Room Monitor

Clean room with workers in bunny suits


Comply w USP 797 & USP 800

Monitor temp/RH & pressure in two rooms
Logs all variables automatically
Visual and audible alarm
Text, email or phone call alert
Easy touch display for setup
Max/Mins updated every 4 seconds
21 CFR 11 compliant
Wired Ethernet socket
Color-coded display
72-hr internal backup battery
All logged data stored in non-volatile RAM
TV2 solution is a Low Cost solution.

Low cost does not mean inaccurate

The TV2 QuickCheck monitor uses state-of-the-art differential pressure (±0.002wg") temperature (±0.03°C) and humidity )±3.0%) sensors to check the environmental conditions every few seconds.  If any one of them drifts outside of the 'safe zone' that condition turns red, until the condition clears. The TV2 cleanroom monitor also logs each of the three environmental conditions, differential pressure, temperature and RH, every few minutes or so, far exceeding the ISO14644 requirement for all cleanrooms.

The TV2 Cleanroom monitor is the most affordable, easy-to-use negative/positive isolation room monitor available anywhere.  The TV2 Cleanroom monitor alarms, logs and charts all three critical environmental variables needed to keep your Cleanroom safe and within specs 24/7.  A glance at the QuickCheck digital display tells you immediately if everything is OK. 

Monitor, Alarm, Log and Chart

Clean RoomThe TV2 Cleanroom monitor continually tracks temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure.  Each variable is not only displayed so you know what the current conditions are but the logged data for each variable can be viewed on the screen or downloaded to a PC and printed out as a line chart.

The TV2 IV Room Environmental monitor alarm triggers an local audible and visual indication and closes a N/O dry contact relay to trigger an auto-dialer or loud external local-alarm if present. 

TView alert software can also send an email or text alert when an alarm occurs using the Local Area Network, LAN to multiple people.

View the Logged Data on the Display or on a PC

A continuous chart is always available. It can be seen on the TV2 IV room monitor itself or on a PC on the same network.  To see what happened last shift just touch any of the environmental variables or download the data to a PC with the free TViewe software.  You can zoom out or in to view trends or highlight individual readings. (specs)

Temperature history chart for refrigerator                               cleanroom chart

Backing up the logged data to a PC

Once the TV2 is part of a Local Area Netwok all logged data can be automatically be backed up to the computer. A Chart can be viewed at any time. All logged data can also be exported into Excel. (This, however, breaks the 21 CFG 11 requrements.



Each sensor used by the TV2 IV Room monitor has been manufactured for accuracy and reliability.   Each sensor has a wire which plugs directly into the monitor.  Each wire is supplied with a twenty-foot sensor wire, which can be extended to more than 200 feet to allow for remotely mounting the monitor.  All data is transmited digitally to the monitor to insure accuracy.

  1. Temperature sensor -20°C to 80°C (±0.3°C)
  2. Relative Humidity sensor 0% to 100% (±3.0%)
  3. Differential pressure sensor ±1"wg (±0.002"wg)

No Maintenance  Fees or Labor

The TV2 monitor belongs to you and although the logged data can certainly be copied to any computer on the same network, or even the cloud, it does not cost you any extra to do so.  The data is stored in the TV2 monitor itself and can be copied to files on any PC in your network. And all alarms are initiated by your monitor and not from your network.

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