Some of our Customers

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A Few of our Customers


Botsworth Kidney Center
GE Global Research
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
U of Arkansas for Medical Science
Photon Research Associates
Q Laboratories
Medtronics Xomed
NY Presbyterian Hospital
USCF Medical
Roper Scientific
Indiana University
U of L Pediatrics
Genome Project
Capital Biosciences
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
New Horizons Clinical Research

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Valley Baptist Medical Center
Santiam Memorial Hospital
Campbell County Hospital
Multnomah County Hospital
Nebraska Public Health
Arkansas Public Health Clinics
Hackensack & University Med Centers
Episcopal Church Home
American Retirement Corporation
Cottage Hospital
NY Presbyterian Hospital
U of IL Scientific Research hospital
Reynolds Community Army Hospital
Navy Reserve Center
Corpus Christi Health Center
Huntington Beach Hospital
Broke Army Medical
161st Medical Group
Barnesville Hospital
Specialty Scripps Pharmacy
Alan Bates Medical Center
Florida Health Care Plans
Arkansas Health Clinics
Branch Medical Group
St Luke's South Surgery Center
Cal Poly Kinesiology & Public Health
Karl Storz Imaging
U of Delaware - Health


Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Palmetto Health District
Sandia National Laboratory
Pacific Bio Material Managment
Boston Heart Laboratory
Iowa Dept of Transportation
WVARNG Medical Command
KCMO Health Department
Geauge County Health Department
USDA National Seed Laboratory
Texas A & M
Brown University
University of Arkansas
International Refrigerated
Dept of Homeland Security
US Army
US Navy Hospitals
Rice County Health Center
Dek Tec
Allegro Micro Systems
Southwest Testing
Coast Guard

Kitchens & Food Related

South Bend School Systems
University of Otago
University of Wisconsin
Arizona State University
Morton’s of Chicago
Saigon Eggrolls
Cold Storage Doorway Technology
University of Arkansas
Atlanta Best Catering
Stanz Food Center
Oak Harbor School Districts
Imperial Seafood and Shellfish
Smoke House


Bell Helicopter
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Dyno Nobel
Princeton International
GE Aircraft Engines
Vanguard Industries
Reunion Island Coffee
USA Manufacturing
BIC Corporation
Darwin Chambers
T Network
Plastomer Technologies
Magili Scientific Refrigerators
Lacks Trim System
Foreman Tool and Mold
Northrup Gruman
Elcan Optical Technology
Polar King International
So-Low Refrigeration
BAE Systems
Quantum Aviation
Med Shop Total Care
Nextern, Inc
Stark Aeorspace


Colorado Springs Health Partners
Louisville Slugger Museum
Intl Boundary & Water Commission
Victory Refrigeration
Clean Room Solutions
Ferguson Integrated Systems
Horticultural Dept of UK
Total Temperature Instrumentation
Alyala Corporation
LAFB Medical Center
Visiting Nurse Service
Lockheed Martin
Pathology Associates of Boone County
Boston Scientific
Stanford University
Green County Historical Society
Stanford School of Medicine
Aurora Flight Services
Social Security
Temperature Control Systems
Johnson Controls
Lewiston Veterinary Clinic
Barr-North Veterianary Services
State Department