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We design and build sophisticated electronic instruments that monitor, alarm, log and chart environmental conditions.  They are used all over the world to protect vaccines and medicines, priceless art treasures, food products and high-value materials stored in refrigerators, freezers and warehouses.

Our monitors are made for non-technical people who need to know what is going on inside their appliances and cleanrooms.

Our customers are health care providers, hospitals, laboratories, museums, and manufacturers.

The ThermaViewer 1, our first product, was introduced in 2004. This unique instrument used external wired or wireless sensors to sample, store and display temperature and humidity history on a large LCD display.  All temperature samples were stored in memory and displayed as a paperless chart.  The current and historical conditions were always visible on the large screen.

In 2013 we introduced the TV2 with Easy-Touch


TV2 with Easy-Touch

The TV2 with Easy-Touch™is the next generation ThermaViewerNurse at desk with all of the features of the ThermaViewer 1 plus many more.  It features a color touch screen with a QuickCheck display showing the current conditions of all sensors. It is powered and interfaces with a computer through a single USB cable. It is a highly engineered, sophisticated temperature monitor with a simple user interface so that it can be installed and used by non-engineers. It can also be plugged into a Local Area Network through a wired Ethernet Port.

TV2 logged data can be downloaded to a computer for long term storage or the printing of a paper record.  The download can be done on-demand or automatically with the free TView software.

TView data on a PC

Our temperature and humidity monitors are used in research, industry and business to protect inventory and comply with regulatory requirements for monitoring temperature and/or humidity. 

We are located near Louisville, KY, the 16th largest city in the US, where we have access to the latest in manufacturing facilities and some of the best engineering talent available anywhere, supplied by two major universities with outstanding engineering schools. Louisville is also the major shipping hub for UPS, so we can easily and quickly ship to anywhere in the world.

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