How Many Channels Does the ThermaViewer Have?

The -202 has four ports for wired sensors.  The TV2-201 has four ports for wireless sensors.  Each of them can receive data from four sensors, which can be of any type.  The TV2 monitor can thus monitor up to four different areas.; It can monitor three refrigerators and one freezer, for example, or four rooms. End view of the Master Thermometer

Each port has one or two channels depending on the type of sensor being used. If you are monitoring temperature only, each port has one channel. However, if you are monitoring both temperature and humidity, The TV2 monitor receives both temperature and humidity fromone sensor which has two channels. This makes it look like the TV2 is actually using eight sensors. It only appears to be so because the same sensor module monitors both temperature and humidity.

It is possible to mix different types of sensors on the same . You can, for example, have three thermistor temperature sensor and one T-Type thermocouple on the same Viewer, or one thermistor/RH sensor and three thermocouples. You cannot however mix wired and wireless sensors on the sameTV2 monitor.

If this is confusing, please call and tell us what you need to monitor and we will recommend a configuration for you.

Note:  The TV2 can be used with several different types of temperature and temperature/RH sensors.  A catalog of various sensors can be seen here.

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