Can the TV2 be field calibrated?

Each TV2 sensor type can be calibrated in the field.   TV2 sensors are calibrated by comparing the measured temperature against an instument which has been verified to be accurate, ideally one which has its calibration traceable to NIST and has a stated accuracy at least twice that of the sensor you are calibrating. 

All wired TV2 sensors have a three point characterization table built into the sensor itself which can be accessed through the TV2 menu system.  This makes it possible to move a wired sensor from one TV2 monitor to a different one without losing the calibration data.

A TV2 wireless sensor can be calibrated but any offset values entered are stored in the TV2 monitor itself and not on the sensor.  So if a calibrated wireless sensor is moved from one TV2 monitor to a different one, a new calibration should be done or, at the very least, any offset values should be entered into the new TV2.

If it is necessary to enter an offset value into a wired sensor, it can be done with the menu system.  Values entered for a wired sensor are stored on the sensor rather than on the display unit, so that sensors moved to a different display unit carry their characterization values with them. More information about calibrations and the procedures used for calibration can be found here.

A NIST traceable calibration is available from 2di for an additional fee.  Calibration frequency is normally determined by the user to comply with certification requirements.

(Most TV2 sensors should be recalibrated either annually or every two years depending on the type of sensor,  unless your company requires otherwise).

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