TV2 PC Software

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Downloading data from a TV2

Download software for use with a network connected TV2 TView 6.3
Download software for use with USB connected TV2 TView
To download data from the TV2 with a USB cable. You can unplug the USB cable from the power cube and plug it into any USB port on a computer to download data. (If TView does not see the TV2, copy these Drivers for TV2, to your computer, unzip them and install them.)
Accessing a TV2 on your Local Area Network:  If the TV2 has a wired Ethernet connector it can be accessed over the LAN or WAN.  It will have a unique MAC address and will be assigned an IP address when you plug an Ethernet cable into the TV2 and an Ethernet hub or switch. See the TV2 users guide for more information.
Accessing the TV2 over the internet:  To access the TV2 over the Internet (outside your local area network) you must use port forwarding for your router.  Once the port is forwarded for a TV2 the QuickCheck screen can be viewed with any browser and logged data can be downloaded using the TView software.

Downloading data from a ThermaViewer 1

TView software for ThermaViewer 1 TView 6.0
TView software for ThermaViewer 1 with email alert TView 6.0 email (Requires a username and password
To download data from the ThermaViewer 1, in addition to the software above, you will need the cable that came with your monitor. (It is a ten foot cable with a DB9 connector and a stereo plug. 

Downloading data from a very old ThermaViewer 1

TView software for monitors shipped before 2010 For 95, 98, NT, 2000, & XP operating systems
For Vista or Windows 7 operating system
TView software for monitors shipped before 2008. For XP, NT, Vista (For use with very old ThermaViewers)
To access a ThermaViewer 1 over a LAN or a WAN you must use a protocol converter, such as the Lava Link serial to IP converter, which will establish a virtual com port on your PC.  The disc which came with the Lava link device must be installed on each computer which will access the ThermaViewer, to create a virtual com port on that PC which will redirect the IP address.

International users: The TView program will download data and display the chart on the computer screen. However, if you save the data it will be saved in a US format (i.e. the separators between numbers will be a 'period' for a decimal point and a 'comma' between the 1000's). To load the saved chart into Excel and convert it so that the European style separators are shown, you must 'import a text file' under the Excel 'Data Menu' and change the separators.