Warehouse Environmental Monitor

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Warehouse Temperature/RH Monitor!

TheViewer monitors and documents temperature and/or humidity in warehouses,food storage temperature monitoring systems constantly updating the chart, which is displayed on the large LCD.  It can store literally years of temperature history all of which can be downloaded to a PC for archiving or printing out.

Used in warehouses to ensure that the HVAC or refrigeration systems are performing correctly, and to document storage conditions.   It has a high-low alarm with an external relay which can trigger an external siren or auto dialer to ensure that you are notified if conditions become unsafe.

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The TV2 is a very sophisticated electronic instrument with a very simple user interface so you can install it in minutes. And once it is installed you just forget it.   Plug it into a usb port on your computer and download the stored information at any time.  Or leave it plugged into your computer and it will automatically download the data minute by minute.

Documents temperature and humidity history.

Easy setup

The simple on-board menu allows a quick and easy setup of the system.  It is just a matter of setting the date and time and your alarm settings after you position the sensors.  Printing a permanent record is simple. Once every six months or so, connect the ThermaViewer to your computer with the usb cable and download the the temperature chart for archiving or printing.

Installation in 6 simple steps

  1. 1. Put a battery in each wireless sensor
  2. 2. Put sensor in the area you are interested in
  3. 3. Plug in the display to a wall socket or your computer
  4. 4. Set the date and time on the display
  5. 5. Set the high low alarm for each sensor
  6. 6. You are done

This monitor can also be used for temperature balancing of the warehouse by placing the four sensors in different parts of the warehouse to monitor air circulation.  Or position the sensors in different rooms to monitor all four rooms.  Each sensor stores the temperature and RH conditions every few minutes, logging the data into FRAM memory so it is protected and preserved even during power outages.

Warehouse monitor showing four temp/RH readings

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