TV2 Monitor/alarm

  • Text, email or phone call alertFreezer
  • Easy Touch Screen
  • Free secure software
  • 72 hour battery backup
  • Automatic data logging
  • Visible temperature history chart
  • Logs & keeps years of temperature history
  • Wired Ethernet connection
  • 21 CFR 11, CDC, FDA and JCAHO compliant
Fridge-Freezer alarm


Easy Touch Screen

  1. Just touch any temperature to see the temperature history.
  2. 'Easy Touch' password protected menu system.
  3. Clear the Max/Min temperatures at any time with a touch.
ThermaViewer monitoring four fridges and freezers Send Me Information

Logs & Charts Temperature History

  1. View or print out a complete temperature log at any time.
  2. Use the trace-mode to scroll through the temperature history.
  3. Automatically backup the data in an encrypted format to any PC or server.
Temperature history chart for refrigerator
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Monitor Multiple Temperatures

  1. Four remote sensors for;  refrigerators, freezers, rooms, incubators, warehouses, ovens, etc...
  2. Monitor refrigerators, freezers, -80 freezers, cryogenic freezers, ovens, etc...
  3. Wired or wireless sensors for any temperature range.

ThermaViewer with PC and 4 fridges

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Sends text/email or phone call alerts if an alarm occurs

  1. Customized text, email and phone alerts.
  2. A power out alarm warns you if a power failure occurs.
  3. Audio visual alerts on all alarm conditions in addition to text, email or phone calls.
Real-time temperature of four fridges
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Installing the Easy Freezer Alarm in 4 simple steps

  1. 1. Position the  sensors.
  2. 2. Plug the monitor/alarm into a wall socket or a PC.
  3. 3. Review the date & time
  4. 4. Set the alarms.
    1. That is it.  You are done.

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Monitor four freezers with one TV2

The TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm displays temperature from four sensors along with the maximum and minimum temperature recorded.  The maximum and minimum temperature can be Sensor #1 with unsafe temperaturereset at any time by touching the screen.

The color screen always indicates the safety status of each refrigerator or freezer.  The current temperature along with the maximum and minimum temperature appear in green as long as the temperature is within the safe range.  However, if the temperature moves outside your limits it immediately turns redOnce the temperature moves back into the safe zone it again turns green.  Because the color of the temperature reflects the safety of the refrigerator or freezer a quick glance at the display is all you need to see if temperatures are safe or not..

Text, email or phone-call alert. Ringing alarm

The TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm has an external, normally open (N/O), dry contact relay, to trigger a phone call, external alarm or other devices any time an alarm occurs.  The optional Auto-Dialer calls several phone numbers to deliver or leave a message if an alarm occurs.  The external relay can be wired into a building alarm system or used to trigger a powered external alarm.ringing cell phone

The Easy Freezer Alarm sends an email or text alert when an alarm occurs if the TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm is interfaced to a computer or the Local Area Network when you are using our free PC interface software, TView, with email option.

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Downloads and backs up to a PC with the free secure TView software

Temperature chart
Temperature chart as it appears on your computer (click to enlarge)

The free TView software is a powerful part of the TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm.  It runs on any PC or server to automatically backup the temperature log, in addition to downloading data on-demand.  TV2 plugged into a PC with the USB cableNurse at desk

TView software can be used to view multiple Easy Freezer Alarms on your computer.  So if you are using five Easy Freezer alarms to monitor twenty different freezers or refrigerators you could see all twenty temperatures and the recent history of each on your computer.

When the freezer alarm is communicating to your computer via USB or Ethernet connection an automatic download begins, so that every few seconds the temperature data is added to a file on your computer.

Your Best Protection

Nurse with small girl

If you are storing vaccines your patients depend on, materials for laboratory experiments or other critical temperature inventory you need the Easy Freezer Alarm. 

The Easy Freezer Alarm protects all types of refrigerators and freezers, whatever their temperature range is.

The TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm automatically logs all temperature data so you can verify that your refrigerators and freezers have maintained safe temperatures.  And printing out a chart for the auditors or inspectors is simple.  The TV2 stores over 1.5 years of temperature history for each of the cold storage units being monitored.

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The TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm, has a number of alarms which have to do with the TV2 itself, and additional alarms for the conditions being monitored by the sensors.  Any active alarm is indicated visually on the TV2 with a message, a blinking screen and in some cases a change of color.

Most alarms cause the external normally-open (N/O) dry-contact relay to close to trigger an auto dialer so that phone calls are made to alert the staff when ever an unsafe condition has occurred.  Alarms can also initiate a Text or Email message.

Sensor condition alarms

  • High temperature alarm - buzzer, flashing message, closes relay, logged to memory
  • Low temperature alarm -buzzer, flashing message, closes relay, logged in memory
  • High humidity alarm -buzzer, flashing message, closes relay, logged in memory
  • Low humidity alarm -buzzer, flashing message, closes relay, logged in memory
  • Low sensor battery - battery indicator flashes red and icon show a low percentage reading
  • Temperature outside high or low set points - displayed temperature reading turns red, max or min conditions turns red
  • Humidity outside high or low set points - displayed humidity reading turns red

Visual alarm notice on ThermaViewer

TV2 display alarms

How safe is your data?

All collected data is stored in non-volatile memory so even if you turn the TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm off and come back 10 years later your data will still be there. 

During power outages the rechargeable internal batteries (Lithium Ion) will continue to operate the TV2 for as long as 100 hours.  And by operate we mean everything continues to work.

  1. Data logging continues
  2. Alarms will sound, show on the display and be recorded
  3. The relay will close if an alarm occurs
  4. Phone calls and/or emails will be made or sent.
  5. Data can be copied to your computer.

Where is the TV2 Used?

The TV2 Alarm can be used anywhere. 

For example:Master Themometer

  1. Pediatricians offices
  2. Public health clinics
  3. Research laboratories
  4. Testing laboratories
  5. Hospital operating rooms
  6. Museums
  7. Art Galleries
  8. Hospital nursing stations
  9. Pharmaceutical companies
  10. Manufacturing plants
  11. School kitchens
  12. Warehouses
  13. NASA facilities
  14. Historical Societies
  15. FDA laboratories
  16. Some of our customers

Each TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm monitors four different areas.Current Status area for one sensor

Since the TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm can track four different temperatures and humidity readings simultaneously you only need one display to monitor four refrigerators or freezers.  This lowers the cost of monitoring multiple areas and means that you only have to look at one display to see what the current conditions are in each area.  The picture at the right is one fourth of the current status display showing the conditions for one of the sensors along with the maximum and minimum temperature recorded.  The current battery charge for the wireless sensor is also displayed. 

TV2 chart displayIn addition to the current status display you can see the historical conditions for each area or device being monitored.  To look at logged data for one of the sensors simply touch the Easy Touch display.

With one touch on the display a temperature chart immediately opens up so you can see what happened last night, last week, last month or even last year.  To see additional temperature history just touch the display again and scroll bars will appear on the chart.  The chart can be scrolled to the left or right to show earlier data.  It can also be zoomed into or out of to show much more historical information.  The chart is not only paperless it is never ending.  Once all of the non-volatile memory is filled with data the newer data will roll over oldest data, so you will always have the last 80,000 measurements stored from each sensor. 

Being able to see the temperature history makes it easy to spot trends.  This is particularly useful for troubleshooting issues with refrigerators, freezers or areas in a warehouse or building.

All Logged Temperature Date is Encrypted to Comply with 21 CFR 11 Requirements

Once the temperature and/or humidity data is collected and stored in the non-volatile memory of the TV2 Easy Freezer Alarm it is impossible for the user to altger it.  It can only be viewed or printed out, not changed.

Logged data can be downloaded to a PC and even saved as a file but as it is saved it is encrypted with a 256 bit encryption algorithm. And once this happens it can only be viewed and/or printed out as a chart.  If a user name and password have been entered the chart is digitally signed.  The 'padlock' icon indicates that this has occurred. A signed file can only be opened if the same username and password are entered.

Likewise if a chart is printed out from TView a 'signature verified' or 'signature unverified' text box will appear at the top of the printed chart as part of the 21 CFR 11 requirement.

                                      TView chart on compuer scree

Once the encrypted TV2 data has been copied to a PC it can be exported in unencrypted form to Excel where it can be viewed and manipulated if the user wants to analyze it.  In this case the data is not encrypted and no padlock or verification indication is shown.  The padlock and verification pen only appears on printouts or on a computer screen if the data integrity has been maintained.

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