Pharmaceutical Temperature/Humidity Monitor

  • Phone or text alerts on alarmPharmaceutical storage temperature monitoring
  • High-Low alarm for all sensors
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • No special training needed to install
  • Stores & shows 9 months of temperature/RH
  • 21 CFR 11 compliant
  • Password protected & encrypted data
  • Alarm delay prevents false alarms
  • 40 hrs back-up battery for power failures.
  • Two wired or four wireless sensors
  • NIST calibration available
  • Accuracy �0.3�C   3.0�RH



Compare to chart recorders & data loggers

The Viewer and TV2 monitors and documents the temperature and humidity of laboratories, storage facilities, refrigerators, freezers, and manufacturing processes. It is completely self-contained and never needs to be plugged into a computer unless you want to print out the charts or view the alarm log.  It displays and prints a chart that shows every temperature/humidity measurement for the last nine-months at ten minute intervals.  This is truly a game changing instrument.

It can be used in production, warehouses, storage areas, and labs to provide accurate temperature/humidity monitoring.  Used with the optional auto dialer it serves as an early warning alarm for high and low points as well as power outages.

There are no mechanical parts to wear out or replace and it doesn't require a computer to program. It's onboard menu system is password protected and used to set the temperature parameters and recording interval. Because it is electronic it needs no maintenance. There are no paper charts or pens to replace.

This is the easiest and least expensive way to track the temperature/RH.

Pharmaceutical storage temperature monitoring screen shot                                       Pharmaceutical storage temperature monitoring screen shot

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