Freezer Temperature Monitor and Alarm

  • Monitors and documents temperature 24/7Freezer Temperature Monitor
  • Displays current and logged temperatures
  • Stores months and years of temperature history
  • Visual & Audio alarm for high-low conditions
  • Phone call or text message alert option
  • No maintenance or monthly fees
  • 40 hour battery backup
  • 21 CFR 11 compliant
  • Choose air or liquid sensors
  • Fully JCAHO compliance







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Temperature Alarms for any Refrigerator and/or Freezer

You do not need a special refrigerator or freezer with built-in alarms and backup systems.  Just add the Easy Fridge/Freezer alarm to any refrigerator or freezer and you are protected.  It has battery backups, internal alarms, external relays, high-low alarms for each sensor,...  Everything those very expensive scientific refrigerators have.  Of course, the consumer refrigerators and freezers do not have the same type of compressors but those compressors are to ensure that the refrigerator or freezer does its job properly.  With the Easy Fridge/Freezer alarm you have that assurance.  You will be immediately called, emailed or texted if something goes wrong, so do you really need to spend thousands of dollars for a beefed up compressor?

You can, of course, add our alarms to a scientific refrigerator or freezer also.  We have sensors for all types of temperature ranges including ones for use with  -100 freezers.  They will track the temperatures and keep a log of the temperatures to comply with JCAHO regulations.  All of our alarms can be used with the optional auto dialer so you get a phone call if the temperatures become unsafe.

Monitoring temperature 24/7

Our monitors and alarms replace the time-honored method of manually checking the temperature and writing it on a piece of paper stuck to the side of the freezer.  This manual method is not adequate nor does it comply with regulations of JCAHO and other regulatory agencies. To comply with these regulations you must continuously monitor and keep a permanent record of the temperature twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Our temperature monitors are the best way to do that.

It is possible for a refrigerator or freezer to warm up and then cool down while no one is around.  Were this to happen, you may never notice it with your manual system where temperature is recorded only once or twice a day.  And, of course, with the manual system there is no way to tell what happened over the weekend.  With our Easy Fridge/Freezer alarm you will never be in the dark about that or anything else that happens to your freezer over the weekend or during a holiday.

Phone Call or Instant Message Alert

Our temperature monitors can track four different refrigerators and freezers simultaneously. They not only monitor the temperature but they also call or send you a text message if anything goes wrong.  Just add the optional auto dialer or text message software and you will know immediately if the temperature becomes unsafe or a power failure occurs.  So if the temperature gets too warm or cold for too long or the power fails, the dialer will call several people and deliver your prerecorded message.  You need never be unaware of an unsafe condition again.

Audible and Visual Alarm

Our Easy Freezer Alarm has an internal buzzer which begins to ring and the screen begins to flash whenever your safe temperature setting are exceeded.  An alarm menu is used to set the high and low points and delays of the sensors. A relay, which is triggered on every alarm can be used to trigger the auto-dialer or external alarm.

Need to monitor vaccines?

Vaccines in a refrigerator

Protects vaccines, tissue, food, Inventory etc...

Our Easy Fridge/Freezer alarm are used in health clinics, pediatricians offices, labs, hospitals, manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens to document the freezer and refrigerator temperatures. If the temperature begins to move outside the safe range for too long or the power fails, the auto dialer calls as many as 4 different phone numbers to deliver a warning.  You will know in plenty of time so you can respond and save your inventory.

refrigerator & thermaviwer                   Under the counter refrigerator with vaccines                    Blood bank refrigerator

Our Temperature monitors work with any refrigerator or freezer.

Easy to Install

Our Easy Fridge/Freezer alarms are easy to setup and use. A password-protected menu keeps your settings safe. When power is supplited to the display a menu appears so you can set the date and time.  Then when a sensor is attached, a menu asks for your alarm settings and sample rate.   That is all there is to it.

Encrypted Data Files for 21 CFR 11 Compliance

The Fridge/Freezer alarm complies with all JCAHO and CAP requirements.  All stored data can be downloaded to a computer with our software.  They are encrypted with a 128 bit algorithm and can not be altered.  Copies files can be viewed and printed wth the TView software.  They can also be exported to Excel although the source file can never be changed or even viewed with any software except the TView software we provide.

Chart on PC                   Text of Chart

Print or view temperature history chart from our temperature monitors.

Built-in Calibration Tables

NIST traceable calibrated sensors are available. And recalibration can be just as easily  done at your location by comparing temperature to a certified and calibrated thermometer and entering any offset into on-board calibration table.  Up to three calibration values can be entered and stored.

40-Hour Emergency Battery

The Freezer Alarm plugs right into the wall, in a normal outlet. If your wall power is ever interrupted the internal backup batteries take over so the runit continues to operate for up to 40 hours. All the normal monitoring, logging and even the alarms will continue to operate while the TV2 is powered by the batteries. To conserve the batteries the screen goes to sleep if wall power is missing for more than 20 seconds but this does not affect the collection of data or alarms.

No Maintenance or Monthly Fees.

You own this equipment so there no monthly fees. And there are no supplies to purchase since The Easy Fridge/Freezer Alarm does not use paper charts or pens.  There is also no maintenance since there are no moving parts to wear out or replace. The Easy Fridge/Freezer Alarm is complete protection against unsafe temperatures. 

Maintenance checking the ThermaVeiwer


Display Full color with Easy Touch
Number of Sensors 4 remote sensors (Wired or Wireless)
Temp Range Thermistor sensor -20C to 85C, or Thermocouple -250C to 1250C
Sensors Digital Thermistor Thermistor/Humidity  Thermocouple
Size of display unit 8 3/8" x 5" x 1 3/8"
High-Low Alarms Audio Visual with external N/O dry contacts
Sample Interval Variable (1/minute to once a day)
Display Resolution 0.1 on LCD, 0.0001 on PC
Calibration Optional NIST traceable certificate. 3 point table on thermocouple sensor
Storage Technique Non-volatile ram stores >80,000 samples/sensor
Power USB from computer or wall wart
Battery Backup 3AA will operate the system over 40 hrs
Download to PC RS232 via USB cable (site license included)
Indicators LCD & LED
User Settings Onboard password-protected menu system
Temperature Display - Operating 0C to 50C, storage -20C to 68C
LED Bright green indicates AC power present.
Alarm conditions High, and low with built in delay. Power missing. Low batteries.
Shipping weight 4.5 lbs with power adaptor, sensors & cables