TV2 Quick Check Monitor
TV2-202For wired sensors with:TV2-202
Sockets for 4 wired sensors
PC interface software;
Text/E-Mail alert software;
Normally open relay;
Power out alarm;
72-hour battery backup;
Power supply with 6′ USB cable;
Sensors for this monitor.
$ 399.00
TV2-201For wireless sensors with:TV2-202
Receiver for 4 wireless sensors
PC interface software;
Text/Email alert software:
Normally open relay;
Power out alarm;
72-hour battery backup;
Power supply with 6′ USB cable;
Sensors for this monitor
$ 449.00
TV2-PMPanel Mount option for TV2 wired or wireless monitor$ 50.00
TV2icHeavy duty plastic case (1/8″ thick), for mounting TV2 monitors.  Measures 12″ x 12″ x 4″ with knockout plugs for conduit & mounting on wall. Hinged cover for easy access. Conduit and collars not included.$ 129.00
TV2 Quick Check Monitor Options
WECWired Ethernet Socket.  Plugs into the LAN with a Cat 5 orEthernet Socket 6 cable.19.00
TV2POEPower over Ethernet option for TV2 monitor49.00
Wired Sensors for the TV2 QuickCheck Display (Used with TV2-202, TV2-202P, or TV2-202ic)
DDIWired temperature Wired Digital Temperature Sensorsensor.  Range -40° to ~80°C (±0.3°C)
for refrigerators or freezers.
3/8″ diameter sensor with 20 foot wire.
Can be immersed in liquid.
$  79.00
TSMRHWired temperature & Relative Humiditywired temp/RH sensor
sensor with 20 foot connecting wire.
Range 170°F to -22°F (±.5°F)
1% to 99% RH (±1.5%).
$ 159.00
TSTC-TWired type T wired thermocouple for extremeThermocouple
temperatures. (-200°C to 350°C)
(±1.0°c) with 20 foot wire.
(Call to order other thermocouple types for other types)
$ 169.00
WDP1Wired differential Pressure Sensor ±1.0″wcPressure sensor
$ 270.00
CC-50Fifty foot sensor wire extensionImage result for fifty foot 4c cable
for TV2 wired sensors
$ 25.00
Wireless Sensors for TV2 QuickCheck Display (Used with TV2-201, TV2-201P, or TV2-201ip)
(wireless sensor)
Wireless temperature sensor Backlit displayfor
refrigerators or freezers. 3/8″ diameter sensor, which can be immersed in liquid.
$  149.00
(wireless sensor)
Wireless High Accuracy internal Backlit displaythermistor and humidity sensor. (±0.3°C, 1.5% RH)
(-20°C to 85°C, 0% to 100%rh)
$ 169.00
(wireless sensor)
Wireless T type thermocouple For extremeWireless thermocouple temperatures (-200°C to 350°C)
(Call to order other thermocouple types)
$ 167.00
Optional Accessories
APD-10Auto Dialer for phone call alerts.  Calls up to autodialer to alert you of temperature changes with a phone call
four phone numbers and leaves your record
AP-12Auto dialer calls up to eight phone numbers. Includesautodialer to alert you of temperature changes with a phone call
line seizure and the ability to be operated remotely.
$ 349.00
ACCAccessories for ThermaViewer. Alarm, dialer, sensors, accuracy upgrades, calibration, extra long cables, etcThermaViewer temperature monitor probe
Orders:ThermaViewers displays do not have sensors with them.  Sensors must be ordered separately.  the displays are shipped with PC software, 1 – 10′ PC interface cable, US switching 120 to 240vac power supply, battery backup, and user guide.
Terms:Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Wire Transfer, Prepaid, credit cardsor Purchase order with approved credit.
Shipping:FOB Crestwood, KY via UPS unless requested otherwise and quoted.
Warranty:All products carry a one year limited warranty.  A twelve month extended warranty may be purchased.  All returned items without cause will incur a 20% restocking fee.