Pharmacy Refrigerator

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Pharmacy Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm

  • Alarm for Pharmacy Refrigerator
  • Phone or text alerts on alarmPharmaceutical storage temperature monitoring
  • High-Low alarm for all sensors
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • No special training needed to install
  • Stores & shows 9 months of temperature/RH
  • 21 CFR 11 compliant
  • Password protected & encrypted data
  • 40 hrs back-up battery for power failures.
  • Two wired or four wireless sensors
  • NIST calibration available


"#1 Compliance issue - Refrigerator temperature monitoring," JCCAHO reports

Top Joint Commission Non-Compliance Issue for 2013 was a lack of temperature monitoring and logging of Refrigerators and Freezers.  According to  the lead article in the November 2014 issue of Pharmacy Purchasing and Products magazine over 34 % of pharmacies were non compliant with MM 03.01.01standard, which deals with storage and security of medications. Although this standard deals with several issues, the big problem was with insuring the temperature of refrigerators remained within range.  Many pharmacies are still trying to manually record temperatures of the refrigerators and do not have a procedure in place for off-hours.  And apparently the person recording the temperature does not always recognize when the temperature is too high or low.

Get in Compliance with the TV2

The TV2 monitors four different refrigerators or freezers, sampling the temperature every few minutes and logging theTV2 monitoring 4 refrigerators and freeaers results in non-volatile memory. The internal alarm is triggers when any temperature gets too warm or cold alerting the Pharmacist so corrective action can be taken before it is too late.  Installing the TV2 ensures that the pharmacy will always be in compliance.  The TV2 will automatically log all temperatures of the refrigerators and will send a text or email alert or even make a phone call if the temperature of one of your refrigerators becomes unsafe.

The TV2 monitors and documents the temperature of four different cold storage appliances.  It monitors, logs, charts and alarms all four of them no matter what the temperature ranges are.  It is completely self-contained and never needs to be plugged into a computer unless you want to print out the charts or view the alarm log.  It displays and prints a chart that shows every temperature measurement for the last year at ten minute intervals.  This is truly a game changing instrument.

See what the temperature is from home

Plugging the TV2 into an Ethernet port puts the TV2 onto your network so that it can be viewed from anywhere, even remotely.  You can even see all four temperature with your smart phone or with your home computer.  If you get an alert late at night there is not need to drive into the pharmacy to see what the temperature is - just use the browser on your smart phone to call up the current status of the refreators.

There are no mechanical parts to wear out or replace and it doesn't require a computer to program. The TV2 has an Easy-Touch™menu so installation and using the TV2 is a piece of cake.  The menu system is password protected and used to set the temperature parameters and recording interval. Because it is electronic it needs no maintenance. There are no paper charts or pens to replace.

This is the easiest and least expensive way to track the temperature.

Automatic Joint Commission Compliance

When the Joint Commission does an audit you can easily print out a temperature chart for thelast year showing all recorded temperatures.  The free software that comes with the TV2 automatically copies all temperature data to your computer for archiving.  The data is completely encrypted and complies with all 21 CFR 11 requirements.

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