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Clean Room Design & Build

test Industrial Applications Process Classification Aerospace ISO Class 5-7 Assembly of Touch Screen ISO Class 7 Composite Materials ISO Class 8 General Industrial ISO Class 8 Injection Molded Parts ISO Class 7-8 Optical ISO Class 5-7 Electronics Process Classification Semiconductor ISO Class 5 SMT Assembly ISO Class 7-8 Solar ISO Class 5-7 Wafer Board ISO […]

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Seattle Children’s Hospital: Preventable Disaster?

In May 2019, Seattle Children’s Hospital faced an emergency situation where 14 surgical rooms were forced to cease operations, with over 3,000 families potentially affected by deadly Aspergillus mold exposure. The Seattle Children’s hospital was forced to move or reschedule over 1,000 surgeries. Unfortunately, one patient recently died in 2018 after developing an infection as […]

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EU GMP Annex-1

Introduction Annex 1 of the EU GMP is a guideline and set of specific rules describing the European Union’s requirements for the manufacture of sterile medicinal products, including what we refer in the USA as “compounding pharmacies.” EU MP Annex 1 guidelines are applicable to all EU nation states in regards to pharmaceuticals bought, sold […]


Ai and Deep Learning: The Future of Cleanrooms

Introduction Cleanrooms are essentially an area or room dedicated to a particular process, and wherein such processes are required to be carried out in an ultra-clean environment. Traditionally, these “rooms” are kept clean by high-tech air filtration systems, custom HVAC systems, constant air changes and then monitored around the clock for particulate counts using expensive […]