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                            My patients depend on me to make sure the vaccines are safe and viable.

CDC Estimates $20 million/yr waste from poor refrigeration

Thousands revaccinated after shots spoilvaccines in vials

In one recent case in Sioux City, Iowa, more than 1,000 families were notified by letter and telephone that they needed to get their children revaccinated. State officials found that the refrigerator at the clinic that administered the shots repeatedly dropped below freezing over a 17-month period in 2005 and 2006, potentially ruining the vaccines stored there."We just didn't notice it," said Dr. Ray Sturdevant, president of the Prairie Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic.

Poor refrigeration has been blamed for similar problems elsewhere around the country over the past 2 1/2 years in St. Cloud, Minn., a clinic had to revaccinate 8,600 patients, most of them children in Lane County, Ore., 500 children and adults had to get another shot.  In western Florida, it happened to about 250 kids.  Read the Full article

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Once vaccines get too warm or cold they are no longer effective.  Using the TV2 ensures that this never happens.  If the temperature of our refrigerators and freezers gets too warm or cold I will get a phone call so we can move the vaccines to another locations while we repair the refrigerator or freezer.  We used to keep track of temperatures manually but we were never sure if something happened overnight or over the weekend to compromise the vaccines.  Now we are sure they are safe. 

The Smart Touch TV2 with Wireless Sensors

Easy Touch display

Monitor and alarm four cold storage units simultaneously!

The time-honored method of manually recording the temperature of a refrigerator or freezer on aNurse piece of paper stuck to the side of the refrigerator is not adequate nor does it comply with current CDC or JCAHO recommendations. It is important  to continuously monitor and keep a permanent record of the refrigerator and freezer temperature, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Using our Smart Touch TV2 ensures that you will be in complete compliance with regulations and your inventory will be protected.

It is very easy for a refrigerator or freezer to malfunction.  One of them can even warm up and then cool down while no one is around.  In fact a recent CDC study found that over 70% of the facilities they tested did indeed have a warm up - cool down event that went undetected.  Were this to happen, it would not be noticed with the manual system where temperatures are recorded only once or twice a day.  And, of course, with the manual system there is no way to tell what happened over the weekend. 

"At present, VFC clinic workers are required to check a thermometer placed inside the refrigerator at certain intervals each day. Barring any inaccuracies inherent to the device or poor placement of the thermometer, this type of monitoring is still likely to be insufficient. Refrigerator temperature is not constant over time, so a simple thermometer check once or twice a day will not give an accurate indication of whether the vaccines have remained within the designated temperature range." NIST study on Dual Zone Refrigerators

Just touch one of the sensors to see it's temperature history.  You can see up to 1 year of temperature history on this one screen.  Or you can zoom in with the trace mode to see each individual temperature.  Our touch smart TV2 shows as little or as much of the history as you need to see.  Just touch the screen - no menus or having to download to a computer before you can view it.

 Chart display

With the Smart Touch TV2 you can immediately tell if the temperature became unsafe.  The Fridge-Freezer temperature history chart can always be displayed on the LCD, so one glance at the display tells you all you need to know about the temperature history.

Phone Call, Email or Text Warning

Cell phone The Smart Touch TV2 monitors and alarms up to four refrigerators and freezers, all the time. With the optional auto dialer or email alert, you will receive a phone call, email or instant text any time alarm is triggered.  So if the temperature gets too warm or cold for too long, you immediately know about it.  In plenty of time to save your expensive inventory.

Local Alarm

Alarm The Smart Touch TV2's internal alarm begins to beep and the screen begins to flash whenever and temperature moves outside your safe zone or power is interrupted.  The Fridge-Freezer  Alarm has a simple on-board menu to set the high and low points and delays. Every Fridge-Freezer  Alarm has an external relay, which is triggered on every alarm.  It can be used to trigger the optional auto-dialer, an external alarm or your building alarm.

        refrigerator & thermaviwer                   Under the counter refrigerator with vaccines                    Blood bank refrigerator

Save thousands of dollars

The Smart Touch TV2's Alarm works with any refrigerators or freezers so instead of purchasing special laboratory refrigerators or freezers, add a wireless sensor to each of them at a fraction of the cost. Your vaccines and medicines will be completely protected and safe because the Smart Touch TV2 monitors and documents the temperature all day, every day. If it begins to get too hot or cold you will be warned immediately by the Smart Touch TV2's internal alarm or a phone call to your cell or pager.

TV2 with four wireless sensors

Smart Touch TV2

Installing Smart Touch TV2 with wireless sensors is a simple six step procedure.

1.  Put the sensors into each refrigerator, freezer or the room you want to monitor
2.  Plug the TV2 into a wall socket or your PC and touch the screen
3.  Set the date, time and sample interval
4.  Set your alarm parameters.
5.  Set up the auto dialer
6.  You are done.
                               (A password-protected menu keeps your settings safe).

Documented Proof for Auditors and Regulators

The Smart Touch TV2 complies with JCAHO, CDC, and CAP recommendations. This simple alarm ensures that you comply with the JCAHO PC.17.10 standard as well as other government regulations. It displays and prints documentation that can be shown to regulators or auditors as proof that your inventory has been properly stored and maintained.

CDC Guidelines for the Storing Vaccines in Refrigerators and Freezers.  These guidelines were updated November of 2012 and include recommendations for monitoring refrigerators and freezers twenty-four hours per day seven days a week.  It is an extensive (135 pg) publication, which covers all aspects of vaccine protection.

21 CFR 11 Compliant

The Smart Touch TV2 downloads all files as encrypted files to your computer for back up and printing.  Once the data has been logged by the Smart Touch TV2 it can never be changed.  Even after the temperature history has been downloaded to a computer the temperatures can not be changed, as the files are encrypted with a 128bit encryption algorithm.

TView software                   Text of Chart

Print or view temperature history chart from the 2di Fridge-Freezer Alarm

Integrated Calibration Table

NIST traceable calibrated sensors are available. Recalibration can be done at your location by comparing temperature to a certified and/or calibrated thermometer and entering any offset into the three point Freezer Alarm's onboard calibration table.

Battery Backup

The Freezer Alarm normally operates on wall power, but if wall power is interrupted, the backup battery takes over and continues to run the unit for up to 40 hours. All monitoring and logging and even alarms will continue to operate normally while the Smart Touch TV2 is being operated on battery power. The Smart Touch TV2 will go to sleep after 20 seconds to preserve the battery, but this does not affect the collection of data or the alarms.

No hidden costs.

There are no monthly fees.  You decide who the auto dialer calls not some remote alarm center.  It calls up to four different people and deliver a sixteen-second message that you record.  The Smart Touch TV2 is completely stand alone.  No one has to check on it every month.  The Smart Touch TV2 uses no paper charts or pens and requires no maintenance - there are no moving parts to wear out or replace. The Smart Touch TV2 is your protection against unsafe temperatures.

Smart Touch TV2 Vaccine Storage Features:

Number of Sensors Up to 4 sensors
Temp Range Thermistor sensor -20C to 85C
Thermocouple sensor -200 to 1250C
Sensor (Liquid) 3" stainless steel thermocouple. Submersible. (specifications)
Display Unit Size 8 3/8" x 5" x 1"
LCD Display Size 5" diaganol
Alarms Internal buzzer and flashing screen. Optional auto-dialer or siren/flashing light
Sample Interval Variable -1/min to 1/24hr
Display Resolution 0.1 on LCD, 0.0001 on PC
Calibration Optional NIST traceable certificate. 3 point table on thermocouple sensor
Storage Technique Non-volatile RAM stores more than 80,000 samples for each sensor
Power USB or 12vdc, 50/60hz (120 - 240 volt wall adaptor)
Battery Backup 3 AA will operate the system over 40 hrs
Download to PC USB
Indicators LCD & LED
User Settings Onboard password-protected menu system
Alarm conditions Power failure plus high & low with delay for each sensor
Shipping weight 4.5 lbs with power adaptor, sensors & cables