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Refrigerator storing vaccines    lab refrigerator      Fridge Freezer         Scientific refrigerator used to store medicines or tissue samples.

The TV2 is a refrigerator temperature chart, a refrigerator temperature log and an alarm.

Do not let this happen to you?

CDC Estimates $20 million/yr waste from poor refrigeration

Thousands revaccinated after shots spoil

In one recent case in Sioux City, Iowa, more than 1,000vaccines in refrigerator families were notified by letter and telephone that they needed to get their children revaccinated. State officials found that the refrigerator at the clinic that administered the shots repeatedly dropped below freezing over a 17-month period in 2005 and 2006, potentially ruining the vaccines stored there. "We just didn't notice it," said Dr. Ray Sturdevant, president of the Prairie Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic.

Poor refrigeration has been blamed for similar problems elsewhere around the country over the past 2 1/2 years: In St. Cloud, Minn., a clinic had to revaccinate 8,600 patients, most of them children. In Lane County, Ore., 500 children and adults had to get another shot. In western Florida, it happened to about 250 kids. 
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 24/7 Refrigerator Monitor

The TV2 monitors, alarms, charts and logs your refrigerators.  In fact it monitors laboratory technician in refrigeratorup to four refrigerators. Medical refrigeratorIt continually logs the refrigerator temperature to non-volatile memory and draws a temperature chart on the Easy Touch display.  If any of the refrigerator temperatures gets too warm or cold it sets off an alarm, tells you what caused the alarm and triggers a text message or email or calls your phone to warn you. 

So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on special laboratory refrigerators, you can add the TV2 to any home or commercial refrigerator to protect your inventory.  The TV2 monitors, logs and charts the temperature all day, every day. If the refrigerator temperature begins to get too hot or too cold you will be warned immediately by the built-in audio/visual alarm, a text or email or the optional auto dialer will call your cell phone or pager.   You will be warned in plenty of time to move the inventory to a safe place.Sensor #1 with unsafe temperature

The TV2  has a high and low temperature alarm for each of its sensors.  To prevent false alarms each one has a delay time.  Opening the refrigerator door or loading in warm product may cause a temporary rise in temperature but this will not trigger the alarm.  Only a potentially serious rise or fall in temperature will be enough to trigger the alarm. 


Easy-to-read chart

The best protection against the loss of your inventory is your employees.  Their awareness of the refrigerator temperature ensures that most temperature problems can be caught before they become dangerous or critical.  The Master Thermometer helps keep your employees aware of the temperature all the time.  The Max/Min setting for each sensor turns red if one of them is out of safe range even if an alarm is never triggered.  And since the temperature history chart is always available by just touching the temperature each employee becomes part of your quality assurance program.  A quick glance at the chart immediately tells them that the temperature is and has been safe during the last several days. 

Easy Touch Display

The digital chart can be zoomed-in for a closer look at individual temperatures, zoomed-out to examine trends, printed out, loaded into excel or word, and saved on your network so every one can look at it.  Newer temperature readings rolls over the oldest data so you are always looking at the latest 1.5 years of data.

Simple to setup


Documented Proof for Auditors and Regulators

This TV2 refrigerator alarm  complies with the JCAHO PC.17.10 standard as well as other government agency regulations. It displays and prints temperature charts or lists for regulators or auditors as proof that your inventory has been properly stored and maintained.  All logged refrigerator temperature data is encrypted and an electronic signature verified for each saved record stored on your computer.

Refrigerator temperature history chart                                Numeric listing of refrigerator temperatures

21 CFR 11 Compliant

The TV2 refrigerator alarm downloads an encrypted file to your computer for back up and printing.  The software even includes an auto download function so that you continually backup your data and can see real-time data on your computer.

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